Захирлын мэндчилгээ

Welcome to our Shine Ue School website!

Shine Ue School has been providing with 12-grade schooling since its establishment in 2003. It’s a very big responsibility for us to ensure that all students receive a quality education in a wide range of subject areas from primary to middle and high school years. Both our primary and secondary teams of educators work together to make this journey of learning seamlessly. General education is more than simply excelling in Mathematics or being good in English, it refers to a systemic approach that incorporates building life skills in students, collaborating for developing a common pedagogy and designing a curriculum that is aligned both horizontally and vertically.

From working with students and parents for over 47 years, I know that every parent wants to send their children to the best schools. Because a school is the second home for children where they spend one-third of their lives, what goes on in schools can make a big difference. We aim to help every student to reach their very best and develop skills needed to excel in the 21st century. Our school curriculum and assessment are designed to promote successful learners who are active, confident, creative, and informed global citizens.

In reaching this, I believe that investing in our teacher development is crucial. Our teachers are constantly challenged in professional competitions, attend online workshops offered by IB Organization, participate in research groups and presentation seminars with other professionals in order to keep up with the fast-changing environment.

Our facilities and learning environment are improving from year-to-year. We are investing in providing with facilities that meet the international standards for all subject areas.

As an experienced teacher and a principal, I will be motivating all our staff to work towards reaching the very best learning outcomes for our students in partnership with parents.

Maam Unenbileg

Head of School