Shine Ue School has been authorized to deliver IB Diploma Programme.

In recent years, the knowledge and skills set desired from new hires have been transforming around the globe. The same thing is applying to Mongolia as well. College graduates are more desired if they have broader knowledge, multi-language communication skills, critical thinkers and have better research skills. After an extensive research of the best international curriculum that can go alongside our Mongolian education, we have found IB Programmes to be more suitable, hence became a candidate school for IB Diploma Programme starting from July 2016.

After 2 years of journey to fulfilling the requirements of an IB World School, we have gone through major reforms in our internal structure, policies, building remodeling and training of staff. We are proud to say that we have everything in place that is required from an IB World School, and have been authorized to implement the 2-year IB Diploma Programme for high schoolers starting from October 14, 2018. We are the 4th school to implement IBDP in Mongolia, and the 1st school with the Mongolian Language of Instruction.

Our 10th-grade graduates who have passed our TOEFL Junior language requirements will have 100% access to enroll in our IB Diploma Programme. Students who fulfill the requirements of the IBDP will be awarded two certifications at the graduation (National General Education Certificate and IB Diploma). Even students who are not planning on going abroad benefit from this program because students are exposed to an extensive amount of academic writing and research, a study of core subjects chosen according to their major, undertake humanitarian and community-driven activities, develop understanding of different arts subjects, which prepares global citizens ready for any type of undergraduate study.

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