About SUS

About Us

SHINE UE SCHOOL (SUS) is a private day school founded in 2003 and managed by Maam Unenbileg, one of the two teachers in Mongolia who hold the title of the Math “National Teacher of Mongolia” among secondary schools. It is located in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia, at the heart of the Embassy District, surrounded by multi-family residences. We offer a 12-grade program with advancement in Mathematics and English to over 770 students in 33 grades (forms) since 2005.


As a result of our development made over the past, we have grown into one of top 10 schools in the country, with our teachers and students showing great achievements through their academics, arts, and sports. Most of our students like the subjects Math and English, and they like to excel in those. With the introduction of the Science in 3rd grade starting in September 2017 with an English-speaking teacher who completes lots of practical activities, we are getting a growing number of students who like science subject group.

Our Alumni

In the past 15 years, we have graduated 486 students and have led them to open a new chapter in their lives. We hold various events and activities to connect our alumni and build relationships that last a lifetime.

Our faculty

We have over 70 faculties and management level staff in this academic year. Among our faculty, we have 1 “National Teacher”, 1 “Honored Teacher”, 8 state-level awardees, 29 members with “Leading worker of Education” honors, 3 members with “Master of Sports”.

6 Management level workers
20 Primary teachers
37 Secondary teachers
5 Foreign teachers
9 Administration workers