Why Us

Character development

We strive to develop your child’s social behavior, ethics, talent, and life skills during and outside the classroom. In doing this, we understand that every child is special and it is our duty as teachers to help them answer the question “who am I”. In the end, your child’s self-esteem and self-confidence are going to determine their place in this community. We motivate all our teachers and students to use their resources and develop the IB student profile 10 attributes in themselves.

Advancement programs

We have advancement programs in Math and English starting from 1st grade. Advancing in any course, to our understanding, is not about teaching a higher level material, but more about teaching an appropriate material for that age level in prolonged hours at a broader spectrum.

Dual curriculum

Since the time we have become a candidate school for the IB Diploma Programme in 2016, we have been making major changes in our curriculum, and, now, are able to teach by the dual curriculum we have developed. In Primary, we introduce Science and Math taught in English, which expands into Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Visual Arts in the secondary.

Talent development

In order to open new and develop existing talents in students, we run over 10 different clubs within our school. These include chess, fine arts, morin khuur instrument, individual piano classes, basketball, volleyball, reading clubs both in Mongolian and English, speaking club, debate club, science club, etc.

Consistent graduate achievements

When top 25 secondary schools, with more than 20 graduates, have been presented in the ranking which was performed based on the averages of their graduates’ college entrance exam scores for 2016 (the subjects included math-physics, English-Russian, history-geography-sociology, chemistry-biology, Mongolian language-traditional Mongolian), our school was on the number 8 from the top.

Resource – www.comment.mn