1st grade

Every Fall, we register for our 3-week pre-school program (extra fees apply) designed to prepare for school. If your child attends this program prior to applying for our school, it could help them pass our entrance exam.

At the end of the pre-school program, we conduct a general entrance exam, and students who were not part of our pre-school program may register for this exam directly. This helps us determine the child’s ability and the style of learning. Based on the results of these exams and interviews with parents, Admissions Committee makes the final decision on the acceptance of the child into our 1st grade and their assignment of the class/group.

The main requirement for a child entering the 1st grade is to be either turning or have turned age of six during that school year. Younger students will not be admitted.

Transferring to SUS (Grades 2-10)

All transfer students must register online (see our Online Registration page) for entering our general entrance exam

Entrance exam contents are based on Mathematics, English, and Mongolian (revised every year to align with local standards). If students did not have any of the language subjects above in their previous school’s curriculum, it can be omitted from the entrance exam. The passing rate is 70% or above for each subject.

If the Admissions Committee sees necessary, an interview with parents will be scheduled.

After reviewing the entrance exam results and interview with parents, the Admissions Committee will contact the parents of the outcome either through phone or email. 

IB Diploma Programme

Admissions to the IB Diploma Programme is open to all students who are currently enrolled in our 11th grade and meet the minimum English language requirements below:

TOEFL Junior overall score of 750 with a minimum score in each component of:
Listening Comprehension – 245
Language Form and Meaning – 250
Reading Comprehension – 255

Note: No additional tuition fees apply for enrolling and studying in the IB Diploma Programme at SUS. Additional fees apply only when students register for the IB Diploma examinations in May of their 12th grade.

Once admitted to Shine Ue School

Once you are notified that your child is admitted to our school, the following steps must be completed to finalize the enrollment and secure a place at the assigned class.

  1. Submit a copy of the child’s birth certificate.
  2. Submit a copy of the parents’ National ID cards.
  3. Submit the Student Application form (photo size 3×4 is required).
  4. Submit the Health Form.
  5. Official transcript or the Mongolian official records book must be submitted for all transfer students.
  6. If the student is transferring from a school in Mongolia, his/her name must be deducted from the online school district registration system ESIS within the first week of September.
  7. Grades from other international programs will be converted into grades that meet local requirements (see Awarding a Grade section of our Assessment Policy).
  8. The deposit (seat reservation fee) must be paid upon admission. This fee becomes part of the tuition (reference SUS’s Tuition page for tuition and discounts information).